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Quality Quote of The Week

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." By Henry Ford


A quality product or service is not achieved by accident but by planned actions to meet prescribed requirements and customer expectations.
— Latia Gary

LG Solutions, LLC will assist an organizations in reducing their Cost of Poor Quality by building the foundation of their Quality Management System by writing/developing their Quality Program procedures and process steps for which employees follow, developing supplier base, contract management (customer and supplier), corrective/preventive actions, continuous improvements, management reviews and etc.


LG Solutions, LLC because;  In today's time, many companies are doing more with less people. In order to be successful, the quality of the product has to be exact. Therefore, there is less acceptance of scrap, rework, and loss production time (down time); in other words, items that create a Cost of Poor Quality.  In order to reduce the Cost of Poor Quality, the organization's level of quality and skill must increase to meet increasing production demands.

The idea of being customer focused, quality-centered, team driven, and led by top management is called “Total Quality Management.”  Total meaning everyone in the organization is working towards continuous improvements.  LG will help guide your organization towards Total Quality Management by building the Quality Culture of the organization.  This is done by identifying short comings, strengthening process, and enhance performance which leads to increase profits.  LG has successfully guided and taught organizations practices that direct their decision making to be more quality centered with improved product output.

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